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Bishop, Dr Kay Morris chat with Medad Makama

By on August 2nd, 2020 Under Music | Download Naija Music

By Kate Danzaria. 

JCC aka The Jewel City Church is situate in Gombe State Nigeria. The Church is under the leadership of Pastor Medad Makama a vessel called by God to feed the flocks with the pure Spiritual food of the word of God.                 The Community Hosted Bishop, Dr Kay Moris From Canada,a Jamaica-born  multi award winning internationally acclaimed reggae Gospel Hall Of Fame inductee, Grammy Considered singer/songwriter, global humanitarian, Preacher, youth mentor and President of the Kay Morris Foundation. Knowing Jesus is having an up close and personal relationship with Him. Philippians 3:10 The Church as the Bride of Christ should always be in a state of readiness and preparation for the return of The Lord.                   The wisest decisions we as Christians and youths can ever make is to put him first and foremost in everything that we do. Matth 6:33. In seeking God we must die to the flesh because true worshippers must Worship him in spirit and in truth. Man’s humanity must take up Gods Divinity, the Spirit man must come alive daily thus, we have to guard our mouth gate, ear gate, eye gate, thought gate and all other gates because we have a common agreement with what the word of God says. We are in the world but not of the world thus we must live as pilgrim and Ambassador of God’s kingdom. It is indeed a sad reality that the entire world has been affected financially/economically and in many other aspects. Despite this, The church must remain standing in faith believing that Jehovah Jireh will provide; we must be prayed up And remain in faith believing God for our daily provisions; Psalm 37:25 says I have never seen The Righteous forsaken nor his seed begging for bread. So, I strongly believe whatever we lost God will restore and give us double like He did for Job. I believe this is a time when God is getting ready to bless His People. God is up to something; After the plagues in Egypt God told the children of Israel to ask for silver and gold they plundered the Egyptians and came out wealthy all because of His Favour. We are coming out blessed this is my prayer for the Body of Christ, She Said.
Kingdom Chat with Medad Makama,is a monthly online exclusive chat interview hosted on the JCC Whatsapp group. 

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