International Christian Hip Hop artist, Chè Sarai delivers edgy, inspirational music with purpose and Grace.

BALTIMORE, MD – From a young age, Porsche Dorsey (known by her professional name, Chè Sarai) had a natural ability for music. After getting her first keyboard at age 14, she started putting together some really decent songs. “I was impressed with the stuff that was coming out,” Chè said. “That’s when I knew it was something different – that it was more of a gift and less of me playing around.” Her life followed a traditional route, but music was always her first love. Now she is doing what she always wanted to do and music listeners are loving it…

Below Are Couple Of Songs Chè Sarai

Here is a link to Chè Sarai Official Music Videos

With impeccable lyricism and relatable messaging, Chè Sarai’s music is destined to excite young adult urban music listeners from coast to coast.To listen to Chè’s music, or to follow her on social media, please visit: